It Should Hit 21°C In Amsterdam This Weekend As Summer Approaches

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

It Should Hit 21°C In Amsterdam This Weekend As Summer Approaches

Glorious weather is on the way!

We love Spring, with its beautiful cherry blossom and gorgeous tulips, but there comes a point when you just want to feel the sun on your back, right? [Featured photo: Unsplash]

Recently the weather has been a bit bland, and we’ve been hoping and praying for some sunbathing-weather, so we’re happy to tell you all that this weekend we should see temperatures of 21°C in Amsterdam!

We’ll have to wait until Sunday (May 9) before the thermostat rises into the 20s, and it’s going to be a little cloudy at times. However, from Sunday onwards it looks as though we can expect some proper pre-Summer weather, with temperatures consistently in double figures thereafter.


So, get that suncream out because we know that if it’s 21°C outside then Amsterdammers will be sunbathing whether or not it’s blowing a gale outside. However, keep your shirts on until Sunday because it really is going to be blowing a gale out there until the end of the week. We can expect showers, thunderstorms, and even some hail. Ahhhh, the good old Dutch weather!

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