Dutch Students Travelled 2000km In A Self Created Solar Powered Campervan

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Writer

Dutch Students Travelled 2000km In A Self Created Solar Powered Campervan

A team of 22 students from TU Eindhoven has created something pretty magnificent – a campervan that runs entirely on solar energy. This beauty contains its own solar panels on the roof and that’s all it needs to get going. The solar panels can extend so that they measure 17.5 m2 and soak in more sun to power the journey ahead and the roof can also rise to meet the sunlight once the campervan’s parked. It’s not only incredibly innovative but it also looks pretty comfy.

Complete with a double bed, sofa, running water, a toilet, shower, kitchen, and even a television it’s certainly more luxurious than any of the gas-guzzling campervans my family loved to stay in. Plus, it goes without saying really that it’s far more environmentally friendly than campervans which run on petrol or pulling a caravan with a petrol or diesel car.


So, could this be the future of campervans? Well, Stella Vita is certainly made a convincing case for solar-powered vehicles, having taken her passengers 2,000 km all the way from Eindhoven to the South of Spain. Plus, in the Netherlands in particular we’ve already shown an incredible amount of interest in electric vehicles. At one point the Netherlands was Tesla’s biggest market for electric cars in Europe.

The brilliant team behind this groundbreaking innovation is called Solar Team Eindhoven 2021, and one of the team members is Tijn Ter Horst. Speaking to CNN, he said: “The main goal is to really inspire people and the market and society to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future.” What an incredible and worthy aim!
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