Get Ready For More Snow And Freezing Temperatures All Weekend

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Get Ready For More Snow And Freezing Temperatures All Weekend

And don’t expect warmer weather any time soon!

This weekend is set to be icy-cold as Amsterdam sees three days of snow throughout Saturday and Sunday and Monday. Today the weather has been fairly pleasant, for a winter day in Amsterdam, and tonight we might see some rainfall but from Saturday the weather will start to shift.

Some websites predict that the snow will start tomorrow (Saturday) and continue through Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but others think that snow won’t fall until Sunday. What’s for sure is that temperatures will plummet from Sunday, dropping to -3 on Sunday, but feeling more like -12 because of wind and snow. Monday and Tuesday will feel frosty too, hovering around -13 (-5 in reality), and we will see low temperatures throughout next week at least.


Sunday is expected to be the snowiest day, with up to 15cm of the stuff set to fall on Amsterdam, but this will fade into flurries come Monday. However, the snow will return on Friday so stay safe out there if you’re planning to leave the house.

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