Snow Is Expected To Fall In Amsterdam Tomorrow

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Snow Is Expected To Fall In Amsterdam Tomorrow

We’re so excited about the snow!

As the country deals with this long lockdown we have all waited anxiously for the snow. This winter, however, we haven’t seen it blanket Amsterdam. It seems that everywhere but Amsterdam has seen it this year, with even Spain seeing huge snowfall, which is almost never the case. However, our luck may just be about to change!

The Weather Network predicts ‘light snow’ through Saturday afternoon and into the evening. It is forecasted to drift across most of the Netherlands from the West and some areas could see 20cm of snowfall. However, in Amsterdam, Saturday night could bring ‘freezing rain’, which is likely to leave the ground very icy.


Light snow and icy rain may not have been what we were hoping for but Amsterdammers will make the best of it. We’re sure it will still be exciting to see the snowfall, even if we don’t get the blanket of snow that we’ve all been hoping for.

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