Amsterdam Officials Suggest Sprouts Instead Of Sweets For Sint Maarten

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Amsterdam Officials Suggest Sprouts Instead Of Sweets For Sint Maarten

Singing to your own parents for sprouts might just be the in-thing this year, kids!

Once a year, on 11 November, Amsterdammers celebrate the tradition of Sint-Maarten, or Saint Martins’ Day, in English. Children carve root vegetables into faces and spread joy from house to house, singing for sweets and other kinds of treats. However, given the circumstances this year, spreading joy from house to house could also lead to spreading Covid-19 and that’s a risk the Municipality of Amsterdam does not want us to take.

They have therefore suggested an alternative to the usual practice of giving sweets to children who knock on doors. Instead, say officials, parents should have their own children sing to them in return for… sprouts. Yes, you have read this correctly. Obviously, it is the responsibility of our officials to worry about childhood nutrition but online, people are seeing it comically.

In all seriousness, the government guidelines do need to be followed and we should all look for ways to celebrate Sint Maarten that don’t spread Covid-19 but there is something hilarious about giving a child a sprout and expecting a positive response. Whatever you’re doing this year, have a brilliant Sint Maarten!

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