5 Of The Pinkest Places In Amsterdam To Brighten Your Day And Newsfeed

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5 Of The Pinkest Places In Amsterdam To Brighten Your Day And Newsfeed

Because some of us just can’t get enough of the colour.

Sometimes you just wanna feel like Barbie, surrounded by your own pink paradise. Although how she ever walked around with those stork-like legs we’ll never know. Plus, there’s something instantly appealing about the colour pink. I mean, think about it: flamingos, cherry blossom, piglets, lychees, kitten’s paws and even tulips are all pink, and what’s not to love about them? Seriously though, these spots in Amsterdam really embrace the colour, and it creates the cutest, funnest atmosphere for a lovely date with friends.

1. Pink Beach Bar

đź“ŤMeeuwenlaan 88, 1021 JK

From palm trees to beautiful, soft pink sand and deck chairs, Pink Beach Bar is an absolute dream come too. It’s not your average beach bar because everything is pink! From the bar to the booths and even some of the food, you can expect pink, pink and more pink!

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2. Lucy’s Cheesecakes

đź“ŤRokin 8, 1012 KR

Just around the corner from Dam Square you’ll find Lucy’s Cheesecakes, and it’s about as pink as possible. With delicious bakes and reasonable prices, it’s a great place to stop when you’re out and about in the city and you just fancy a sit down with some quality coffee and homemade cake.

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3. Pink Castle – WONDR Experience


đź“ŤMeeuwenlaan 88, 1021 JK

This is the kind of place where you literally want to hug the walls. Never had the urge before? Nor had we until we encountered this pink wonderland. You can wade around in the ball pool, play on the pink swing and take as many photos as you’d like here, but you’ll need to book a spot online if you’d like to visit.

4. Vegan Junk Food Bar (Reguliersdwarsstraat)

đź“ŤReguliersdwarsstraat 57, 1017 BK

There are tons of Vegan Junk Food Bars in Amsterdam, and that’s a testament to how amazing the food is, but have you ever noticed how pink this branch is? Of course you have! It’s in-your-face-pink and we love it!

5. Blond Amsterdam

đź“ŤFerdinand Bolstraat 44, 1072 LL

This gorgeous cafe and shop in De Pijp is absolutely bursting with pink decor. Not only is the decor an absolute celebration of the color but the food is delicious. A visit to Blond will almost certainly brighten your day.

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