Partial Lockdown Begins Today In The Netherlands

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Partial Lockdown Begins Today In The Netherlands

Last night, PM Mark Rutte announced a partial lockdown in The Netherlands.

As of Wednesday 14 October, the  Netherlands has been placed into partial lockdown. People can still order food for delivery or to pick up from bars, cafes, and restaurants but sitting down inside of the premises is not allowed.
This is one of many measures outlined at a press conference last night by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and it was no surprise.

Generally, the government’s announcements are well-known before they are officially announced and yesterday was no exception to that rule. As expected, buying alcohol is prohibited after 8pm. After 8pm, any shop that does not sell food has also been ordered to close. This measure is an attempt by the government to prevent social gatherings at home now that bars and restaurants are closed. Anybody found to be in breach of these new rules can face a fine from today onwards.

Whilst gyms are still open, team sports including more than 4 people where a distance of 1.5ft cannot be maintained throughout, are banned. This doesn’t apply to children’s sports. However, if you do want to play sports or attend your local gym, you will have to arrive in your gym clothes because changing rooms and showers will remain closed.

Spaces like theatres and concert halls will remain open but no more than 30 people may gather there at once. In the same vein, outdoor meetings, social or otherwise, are limited to four people from outside of a household.


Although many have already started wearing face masks in public spaces such as shops and trams, this will become compulsory. It is not clear yet when this will become legally enforceable as this has not yet been ratified legally.

All of these measures will be reconsidered in 4 weeks and the Prime Minister has encouraged people to abide by these rules so that tougher restrictions may be avoided in the future.

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