Here’s The Lowdown On The New Lockdown Rules In Amsterdam

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Writer

lockdown netherlands

Well, we’re back here again, Amsterdam. You’d better get those baking tins out and renew your Netflix subscription the PM confirmed on November 12 that the Netherlands would be back in lockdown from November 13, from 7 pm. Then on November 28 additional measures were added, which will be in place until at least December 19.

The new lockdown will last until at least November 27, at which point the rules will be reconsidered, and here are the main points in force until such a time:


  • People should only have a maximum of 4 visitors in their home, so that means big parties or large family gatherings are off the table.
  • People should work from home wherever possible.
  • Everything, from restaurants to gyms, zoos to bars will have to close at 5 pm except essential shops such as grocery shops and pharmacies.
  • You can still have food delivered after 5 pm and professional athletes will be allowed to train or play after 5 pm.
  • Even outdoors in public spaces, people should now keep a 1.5-meter distance from one another.
  • Children from group six upwards will have to wear masks at school when walking between classes in the hallways.
  • Anywhere that requires a QR code (restaurants, cinemas, etc.) will also require masks to be worn and a social distance to be kept unless you are seated.

Life is bound to look different in the Netherlands under these new restrictions, and the local government is looking to the future too, having canceled large New Year’s Eve events in Amsterdam. There will be no fireworks or countdowns this year, but we will have to wait and see how things play out in the next three weeks to ascertain whether or not this lockdown-lite will be extended.

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