Restrictions Ease From Tomorrow But Catering Remains Closed

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

A man jogging along an empty street in the centre of Amsterdam

Tonight (January 14) PM Rutte held a long-awaited press conference to announce an easing of restrictions, which will begin on January 15. However, not all of the measures announced at the start of lockdown will be eased. Measures will be reassessed on January 25, at which point another announcement will be made by the government on whether bars, restaurants, and cafes can open. So what’s about to change in the Netherlands?

A partial reopening

Sports facilities can reopen from tomorrow, so you can go ahead and get your sweat on at the gym, but games and practice may not have an audience. Shopping without an appointment is also possible from tomorrow, but shops will have to close from 5 pm. Plus, if you’re hair’s getting a little long then don’t worry because hairdressers and nail salons will be allowed to reopen. In-person education will also recommence.

Some things haven’t changed.

Catering and cultural institutions such as theatres and cinemas will remain closed until at least January 25. According to the government, catering will be the first thing that they will consider reopening when they meet again on January 25 to discuss the restrictions. You should also keep to a maximum of 4 visitors over the age of 13 per day at home, as has been the case since the start of lockdown. It’s also advised that you stick to the 4 person rule when meeting people from other households outside.


Changes to quarantine rules.

Those who have been around covid-positive people no longer have to quarantine if they’ve had the booster more than a week ago, as long as they are not exhibiting any symptoms. However, face masks should be worn whenever a 1.5 metre distance cannot be kept from others and the advice is to wear disposable masks rather than fabric masks.

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