10 Things To Do During ‘Near-Lockdown’ That Aren’t Baking Banana Bread

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10 Things To Do During ‘Near-Lockdown’ That Aren’t Baking Banana Bread

Welcome to Groundhog Day part 2.

Here we go again, with days and days of blankly staring at our walls ahead of us. We’ve swiftly moved past what was once an opportunity to chill at home and do all of the things we wouldn’t usually get the chance to, to a point of the year where we really have done it all. Whether you’re all baked out from the first national lockdown, or pretty much completed Netflix – we’ve rounded up some new ideas that might keep you occupied this time around.

1. Take up running… Again

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Ok, so it’s not new or original – but it’s the perfect opportunity to try and get back into the habit of running (or just exercise in general) now that we’re back in lockdown. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have left your workout habits long behind you since everything re-opened – so now’s our chance of redemption.

2. Make your way through IMDB’s highest-rated movies

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And speaking of redemption… While we’ve got time on our hands, we may as well tick off some classics, such as Shawshank Redemption, off our movie bucket lists. Why not even work your way through the top-rated films on IMDB – guaranteeing that every watch will really be worth it?

3. Brew some mulled wine

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I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to get into the festive spirit. This month, we’d usually be hitting up the Christmas markets and chugging back a whole lot of mulled beverages – so to make up for it, why not find an easy mulled wine recipe and bring the Christmas markets to your place this year?

4. Learn a new skill

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Didn’t quite manage to master a new skill during the longer lockdown earlier this year? There’s still time before 2020’s out. Start with learning the basics of a new language, or try your hand at coding. You never know what you might end up doing, after all.

5. Start a side hustle

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There’s no denying 2020 has been the year of the side hustle, with many taking up baking and realising they could actually sell their craft. But it’s not just baking that’s profitable. Etsy is flourishing this year, with many leaning towards purchasing from small businesses and independent makers instead of the big corporate giants. If you have a knack for jewellery making or have an eye for creating gorgeous prints – now’s your time to shine.


6. Make your own cheese

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There are plenty of brilliant recipes on the internet to help you make your own cheese at home. After all, we love cheese in Amsterdam and if we’re not out scoffing it by the kilo then we may as well be honing our own skills at home!

7. Practise your culinary skills

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On the topic of spending time in the kitchen, now’s a great time to work on your culinary skills – with plenty of easy dishes to try your hand at that will level up your daily pasta. Pick up a local cookery book online and recreate your favourite restaurant’s dishes, or start with the basics with more accessible options (with fewer ingredients than the fancy chefs!).

8. Re-jig your home

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If you’re fed up with your surroundings or those plain white rented walls, the easiest way to improve your mood is to switch things up a little and add a few aesthetically pleasing elements to your space. Whether it’s moving the furniture around a little bit, adding some prints to the wall, or even just something as simple as buying a new house plant – you’ll need the endorphins this month any way that you can.

9. Take on a reading challenge

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Reading has been one of the most popular hobbies this year, and it’s pretty easy to see why. It’s an enjoyable way of getting away from your screen for a bit – with an endless number of genres to suit everyone’s tastes. If you rarely get time to get stuck into a good story or fancy increasing your reading speed a little so you can squeeze in more every month, set yourself a bit of a challenge to finish one book before the end of lockdown. Or, if you’re already a dedicated reader, aim to finish two or more ahead of December 2.

10. Put up your Christmas tree

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And finally, if all else fails – and it’s likely it will – just be done with 2020 already and put up the Christmas decorations. Not only will it give you a little something to do, but it’ll also boost your spirits while we wait for lockdown to end.

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