6 Amazing Places To Get Your Iced Coffee Fix In Amsterdam

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

6 Amazing Places To Get Your Iced Coffee Fix In Amsterdam

It’s not Summer without iced coffee.

As the weather begins to warm in Amsterdam, we’ll be lucky enough to enjoy a couple of weeks in the sun, and we can’t wait! There are bound to be barbecues everywhere, plenty of sticky ice cream hands, and, best of all, iced coffee! Here are our favourite places to visit for a lovely cold coffee brew.

1. Quartier Putain

šŸ“Oudekerksplein 4, 1012 GZ

This lovely coffee shop in De Wallen serves fantastic iced lattes, and you can also get a delicious breakfast here, whether you’re after something savoury or one of their tasty pies. Check out the website to read the menu.

2. Coffee And Coconuts

šŸ“Ceintuurbaan 282-284, 1072 GK

If you had to cancel a holiday in the sun this year, head to Coffee & Coconuts for a taste of that missing sunshine. Young coconuts, fresh juice, and coffee are available all day. Most of the food is vegan, vegetarian, and their iced coffee is delicious. Visit the website to read more about the cafe.Ā 

3. Ijsmanschap

šŸ“16A Eerste Anjeliers dwarsstraat, 1015 NR

If you’ve never had Vietnamese iced coffee before then we recommend you head out right now and pour some in your mouth – you won’t regret it! A great place to buy Vietnamese iced coffee is Ijsmanschap, and it’s made using condensed milk, so it’s super sweet. Check out the website to read the menu.

4. Pluk


šŸ“Reestraat 19, 1016 DM

Pluk is one of the coolest cafes and boutiques in Amsterdam, filled with beautiful things that decorate the room. Their food and drinks are equally beautiful and the iced coffee is delicious. You can read the menu on the website.

5. Back To Black

šŸ“Weteringstraat 48, 1017 SP

šŸ“Van Hallstraat 268, 1051 HM

The iced coffee at Back To Black is as delicious as everything else there – very. There’s a branch in central Amsterdam and one in Amsterdam West, and you can read the menu for either on the website.

6. Koffiespot

šŸ“Elandsgracht 53, 1016 TN

When they named this place Koffiespot, they meant business, and they really do serve a fantastic brew. You can also grab a matcha latte from here, which takes delicious. You can read the full menu on the website.

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