Ministers Consider Closing Theatres And Museums In Today’s Update

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Ministers Consider Closing Theatres And Museums In Today’s Update

Depending on what is said tonight, Amsterdammers could see the closure of theatres and museums in the city.

On 14th October we saw a return to partial lockdown in the Netherlands, with bars and restaurants closed to sit-in diners. This was done to try and stem a surge in coronavirus cases and sources like Dutch News have reported that the increase in hospital patients with Covid-19 has slowed. They have also reported a drop in positive Covid-19 tests, the number of which has dropped below 10,000.

However, Dutch News, amongst other news sources, has also pointed to the possibility of further measures being announced by the Dutch government. These measures could be announced as early as today, November 3. Dutch ministers are apparently mulling over the idea of closing theatres and museums for a two week period to try and drive down infections. There is also talk of the government cutting the maximum amount of people allowed to meet outdoors from 4 in each group to 2. As the months grow colder in Amsterdam, there will be no huddling together near the outdoor heaters this year.


However, there is some promising news potentially on the horizon if you like to travel. Health advisors are expected to announce that travel to at least some foreign countries over the winter break will be allowed. The government will be holding a conference tonight, during which we can expect an update on the current situation with Covid-19.


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