New COVID-19 Measures To Be Announced For The Netherlands

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New COVID-19 Measures To Be Announced For The Netherlands

The new measures could involve restrictions on the hospitality industry and on team sports.

On Tuesday evening, at 7pm local time, a press conference will be held by the Dutch government to outline new measures, aimed at reducing the COVID-19 infection rate in the Netherlands.

On Monday (12 October), the number of new COVID-19 cases per day reached 7000 and so the aim of these new measures is to reduce unnecessary contact between people. Sources are suggesting that new measures could close cafes and restaurants, which would be a very significant change for the hospitality industry. Alcohol sales may also be prohibited after a certain time and gatherings at residential properties may be limited to 3 people, pending today’s announcement. Contact sports played by those over 18 years of age may also be prohibited.


These measures may be imposed for a period of two weeks but Amsterdammers will have to wait with the rest of the country until 7pm for a concrete outline of the government’s plans.

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