Candlelit Concerts Of Tchaikovsky’s Ballets Have Arrived In Amsterdam

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Candlelit Concerts Of Tchaikovsky’s Ballets Have Arrived In Amsterdam

With an atmosphere that’s truly out of this world.

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and Nutcracker are incomparably beautiful and immensely popular worldwide. Could anything really improve these long-respected masterpieces? Well, Fever has cooked up some fantastic renditions that will have you transfixed.

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An amazing string quartet will give soul-stirring performances of these two incredible ballets, track after track, illuminated by the light of countless candles. Then the whole thing will end with an incredible performance from a talented ballerina that will have you absolutely transfixed. Already these events have been selling out and they’ve proven so popular that several events will take place in Amsterdam this September and October.

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If all of this weren’t exciting enough already, these performances will take place at the beautiful Het Scheepvaartmuseum. This gorgeous maritime museum floats canal-side with beautiful views out over the water and a breathtaking glass ceiling so that the stars shine right through to where you’re sitting.

It’s safety first when it comes to Fever’s events and they do this by ensuring proper social distancing guidelines, impeccable hygiene and flameless candles, but none of this will impact the enjoyment this concert is sure to bring. You can pick up tickets to the candlelit Nutcracker event and the candlelit Swan Lake event on the Fever website, and you’ll want to grab them quickly because this event has been incredibly popular here.

Candlelight: Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake & More ft. Ballet

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