Amsterdam Has Been Named The 2nd Best City In The World

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Amsterdam Has Been Named The 2nd Best City In The World

We still believe we’re number 1!

The magazine Timeout has interviewed 27,000 people over 18 months and the results are in: Amsterdam is the 2nd best city in the world, according to public opinion. In our hearts, the city will always be number one, but we have to say that second place is pretty incredible!

So how did Amsterdam take the second spot in these ratings? Well, this year Amsterdam has struggled through lockdowns and curfews, but the city is bouncing back, and the Netherlands was even named second most resilient country during the pandemic. We lost and missed out on a lot of what we loved during the pandemic, but the city is ready to make a return right about now.


Timeout also sites the fact that 47% of respondents described the city as green and sustainable as a factor in its incredibly high rating. That percentage is amongst the highest of all cities. Amsterdam was also voted the third best city in which to take a walk. and we can see why. With its beautiful parks and gorgeous canals, there’s nowhere better in our eyes to take a stroll. So here’s to taking a walk in the world’s second-best city!

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