Make Your Balcony Bloom With A Lovely Planter Delivery • Upperbloom

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Make Your Balcony Bloom With A Lovely Planter Delivery • Upperbloom

Spring is here, so why not brighten up your balcony?

The tulip season is upon us, but with Keukenhof Gardens closed admiring beautiful fields of tulips won’t be possible this year. Plus, it looks as though Covid-19 restrictions and curfew could be with us for some time yet. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a balcony you may well be spending even more time sitting on it this Spring.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom because there are loads of things you can do to brighten up outdoor spaces, and this Netherlands company has just the thing to make your balcony bloom with gorgeous flowers. Upperbloom is a service that will deliver planters, flowers and plants to your home, without the hassle of dragging back and storing a heavy bag of soil.


It’s all arranged via the Upperbloom website and you can either choose which plants, flowers and planters you would like yourself, or simply upload a photo of your outdoor space so that an expert can design the perfect combination for you. Then you pay a monthly fee and your plants can be switched out twice a year, depending on what you’d like to see when you’re spending time outside.

There’s even the option to have self-watering plant pots, which are fantastic if you work all day, travel often, or just forget to water the plants (guilty as charged). Not everyone has green fingers, but you can still have a lovely garden, and someone to consult if your plants start to wilt. However, as the soil is chosen especially according to the needs of the plant, and with an automatic waterer, you literally need to do nothing to keep them alive. And you can always pretend that you did it all yourself if you want to show off. Check out the website for more information on this amazing service.

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