8 Places To Eat Delicious Appeltaart In Amsterdam

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8 Places To Eat Delicious Appeltaart In Amsterdam

Give me appeltaart or give me death!

Dutch apple pie is one of the most irresistible baked goods anywhere in the world, and you know we’re right. Delicious spiced apple encased in buttery, flakey pastry is what life is all about and it’s the perfect autumn treat. However, not all are created equal and the disappointment of biting into soggy pastry or apple that holds no flavour is something we could all do without. So, we’ve compiled this list of our favourites so that the good people of Amsterdam can avoid subpar pie and only taste the best.

1. Brasserie Blazer 

📍Lijnbaansgracht 190, 1016 XA

This lovely brasserie on Lijnbaansgracht offers beautiful views across the canal so that as you eat your delicious appeltaart and drink a warming cup of tasty coffee you can see the golden leaves on the trees opposite and enjoy the lovely autumn atmosphere in the city as people walk by.

2. Bakkerij Westerbos

📍Hugo de Grootplein 4, 1052 KW

On a corner by Hugo De Grootplein tram stop is Bakkerij Westerbos, a bakery where everything tastes great. It’s so tempting to just pop by for a treat whenever you’re in the neighbourhood but honestly, if we let ourselves do that we’d be in there every day.

3. Café de Jaren

📍Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20-20, 1012 CP

Café de Jaren has the most spectacular view out over the canal and even when it’s raining and you’re seated inside you can still enjoy the view through huge windows that offer a beautiful perspective. The food here is incredible and that’s also true of their baked goods. It’s such a peaceful spot and everyone should visit at least once.

4. Winkel 43

📍Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA

If you’re looking for a proper, chunky appeltaart then you’ll love what they serve up at Winkel 43. This place is reknowned for serving delicous apple tart and it’s surrounded by beautiful autumnal trees to you to gaze at whilst you eat.

5. Café ‘t Papeneiland


📍Prinsengracht 2, 1015 DV

This lovely, 400 year old pub by Prinsengracht canal is not only was once the entranceway to a hidden Catholic church, and it’s a great place to soak in Amsterdam’s history whilst eating a delicious traditional appeltaart.

6. White Label Coffee 

📍Jan Evertsenstraat 136, 1056 EE

📍 Zonneplein 4, 1033 EK

This serene little cafe serves delicious coffee and super-tasty appeltaart. It’s a great place to sit with your laptop if you’re sick of working from home, and if you’re lucky you’ll find a couple of dogs wandering about the place wanting cuddles.

7. De Laatste Kruimel

📍Langebrugsteeg 4, 1012 GB

Walk past Laatste Kruimel on Langebrugsteeg and you’ll see a window full of tempting bakes beckoning you inside. These cakes taste as delicious as they look and on a rainy autumn day in Amsterdam there is nothing better than a slice of appley goodness from this lovely bakery.

8. Latei

📍Zeedijk 143, 1012 AW

This small restaurant on the Zeedijk serves an eclectic mix of dishes, but for us the apple pie is the stand out dish here. This Dutch classic is baked to perfection and there’s a warm, cosy atmosphere with really friendly staff.

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