This Hawaiian Themed Bowling Alley And Restaurant Is Perfect For Mates Dates • Aloha Bowling & Restaurant

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Writer

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It’s getting chilly outside in Amsterdam and let’s face it, the cold can make you feel a bit down on those days when you’d just like to be laid out on a sun lounger with a cocktail in your hand somewhere warm. So, what’s the antidote to those winter blues? Well if you’re in search of some tropical vibes then Aloha Bowling & Restaurant is the place to be!

With all of the tiki-style decor, you can pretend you’re in Honolulu with your feet in the sand, rather than in Amsterdam with wet socks. Here they serve the sweetest, most delicious cocktails and some tasty food at the Hawaiian-themed restaurant. They offer a huge selection of wine, beer, spirits, and cocktails, as well as alcohol-free options, and the cute glasses, styled like totem poles, bring an extra bit of fun.

You can order snacks and bar food during the day including things like hot dogs, chicken wings, and even veggie hot dogs, and then on an evening, they serve heartier meals like burgers and fish and chips. However, the real attractions here are the activities.



There’s a bowling alley, pool table, glow-in-the-dark mini-golf course, and even a place to play laser tag. It’s perfect for groups of friends that can’t always agree on the same activities but who want to spend time together. Plus, if you feel like a bit of silliness after your daytime activities then you can always opt for a bit of karaoke.

Prices vary depending on your group size and activity, but everything is detailed on the website where you can also book a slot. It’s a lot of fun and it’s also a great place to take kids. You can find Aloha Bowling & Restaurant at De Ruyterkade 151, 1011 AC and it’s open between 12 noon – 1 pm Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, then 12 noon – 12 midnight Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

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